Video Stream Out TOP CUDA Error

Hello, I’m playing with the new SRT feature of the video stream out TOP and have noticed some weird behavior with it. I’m using it to stream to wireless devices so I get that my connection is unreliable, but it works for a while, at least until I lose connectivity on a device.

When I wander away from my wireless access point to degrade my connection, eventually the video freezes but when I get back within range I’m unable to reestablish my video stream. Instead, the TOP has an error that reads ‘Unable to Register texture with CUDA’ No amount of fiddling with the node, duplicating it, making it inactive and then active, or touching its settings makes it respond, it just seems stuck like this until I restart touch designer. Is there any way to check logs to see maybe what CUDA is hung up on or what I’ve done to wedge TD in this case? It feels like something is filling up and getting stuck.

GPU is a RTX5000 Mobile, running the latest quadro driver 461.92

Build is 2021.11180, windows is Windows 10 Professional Version 1909 Build 18363.1379