Video Wall Processors and 4x 4K on Zotac Mini

Hi All,

I’am currently planning a project in the US, but aim not from the US :).
And for the project I’am not using the regular hardware I would regularly do, since I don’t have access or know any distributors.

So I would like to ask you, if somebody has some experience with one of the following video wall processors:

I found them on amazon, but yeah they look kind a dodgy.
Maybe someone knows a better one in the same price range, available from a reseller in the US?
It doesn’t need to be a Datapath. Just needs to split the video signal into 4.
No warping, edgeblending etc. needed.

Another question is, if somebody has already decoded 4x 4K Streams (Hap or another GPU codec) on one of those:

Thank you!