Video with transparent background

Hi, I’m playing around with some projection mapping. I have a a video file with an animation that has a transparent background. I tried inserting it as a texture onto a shape in kantan but I cant find anywhere to enable transparency. whats the best way to get this into my project with the transparency?

Hi Smeele, did you try to Multiply RGB by Alpha ? If not, go in the TOP Moviefilein parameters in the section Image and try turn On this option. Probably your video file has the Alpha on a separated channel, in this case you can inform TD to multiply the Alpha channel with RGB channels.

Yes i did try that, still when I apply it as a texture it has a black background.

Ah Ok! If you applied the video as a a texture of a MAT, go in the MAT, section Common and turn on Blending Transparency.

Which build are you using? There was a bug in kantan where transparency for textures didn’t work on quad surfaces. A quick workaround:


Build 2019.19930.

ya I actually realized it was only on quads. another workaround is to just draw a square with freeform tool.