Virtual Camera TOP

It would be great to have virtual camera out TOP. Currently, I have to use NDI out plus NDI tools Virtual Input to create a virtual camera in Zoom or Google Meets. It would be great to cut out the middleman of NDI tools.

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I just saw in the Notch release notes today something similar:

[UI] Added NotchCam: Allowing Notch output to appear in other applications such as Zoom and Hangouts as a webcam (DirectShow device). Works in Builder & Standalone.

Something similar would be pretty cool - instead of a whole new TOP, I could see this as a change to the existing video device out TOP that supported virtual devices / device emulation.

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+++ 100!

Every little thing to reduce latency in these chains is huge.

We discussed this back in March when talking about how to improve streaming tools. We chose to improve NDI (and make it Non-Commercial) and spend our time on the Video Stream TOPs, as the creation of a webcam out in the Video Device Out was a magnitude more work.

Its not off the table, just letting you know we’ve discussed it and identified it, frying some other big fish first!


This would be awesome, but compared to NDI, isn’t SpoutCAM basically just as latency (and compression artifact) free as a direct implementation would be anyways? since it’s basically just exposing a realtime texture on the GPU…

I’m certainly not trying to discount the benefit of having a direct VirtualWebcam implementation in TouchDesigner re: ease of use and setup (especially for new / remote people)…

Also why not a Virtual Audio Device and maybe even a Virtual MIDI device while we’re at it so I don’t have to install VB-Audio Cable and Bome’s MIDI translator? :grin: :grin: :grin:

Oh I somehow had missed SpotCAM! This is great thanks @Peeet

Both NDI and Spout out have very little latency if any and all. I’m just being a bit greedy. I made a toe file that overlays webrender graphics over a webcam. The boss uses it for Zoom meetings. Just hoping I could simplify for any novice user so there wasn’t multiple pieces of software to launch.