Virtual Midi Launchpad Component - for AudioVST

midi_loop_pad.tox (61.3 KB)
Hi all,

Here is a little Midi Launch Pad component I made to make sequencing midi notes easier for me with an AudioVST CHOP. Maybe you can use it too!

Youtube video walkthrough:

If you have any questions or feedback let me know :slight_smile:


Great job! Thank you!
I think it could be very useful if it was possible to address the MIDI signals to a MIDIOUT CHOP too, for testing and development!

I could be totally wrong here, (since I don’t actually have a real midi device to test with lol), but I believe the OP.sendNoteOn/Off() functions are identical for both the MidiOut CHOP and the AudioVST CHOP at least according to the docs. So theoretically… I think it should work if you just drag the MidiOut CHOP into the AudioVST field (in the parameters box) instead of the usual AudioVST CHOP.

When I tried, the only error I got was that it “couldn’t communicate with the device”. So maybe it already works? :sweat_smile: :crossed_fingers: if you happen to test it out, let me know!

Thanks for your reply, at the moment I don’t have a midi device, I’ll try next week when I will back to home and write you the results.

I just remembered I could try with the internal Windows MIDI internal Synth (Microsoft GS Wavetable).
It seems to work perfectly!!!
Thank you!

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