vista 64 Behringer BCF2000

Copied from my post in “bugs”.
I know Vista 64 is not supported, but I thought I’d post here for anyone checking out this area.

Behringer BCF2000 doesn’t show up in midi-mapper.[/b]
I used my BCF2000 usb out with Designer in XP and it worked great, no so with Vista.
In Vista (with USB) the BCF2000 can not be accessed in the Midi-Mapper, no in, no out.
I read online that the BCF2000 is supposed to work with Vista in sound programs.
Also there are no drivers offered at all (for any operating system) on the Behringer page for the BCF2000.
Is this one an easy fix on the Derivative side? If so I would thank.


Here is the software download page for the BCF-2000. Maybe an update will help, but they do not mention anything specific to Vista. Try installing the latest and see if it helps!

It’s running fine on my Win 64 XP, but I don’t recall having installed a driver. If you have’t yet, try uninstalling the Behringer driver on Vista.