Vive Mars CamTrack and/or expand FreeD support

I have been working with the Vive Mars CamTrack and am running into a limitation in how it integrates with TD.

The Mars transmits the tracking data for up to 3 trackers via Unreal Live Link for Unreal or FreeD for everything else- which is where I’m running into problems since the FreeD CHOP only parses one object per port and the Mars only streams FreeD on one port. It seems to grab the latest tracker but occasional ‘blip’ over to one of the other trackers

HTC doesn’t seem to have an open API or SDK for the Mars so I don’t know how feasible native support is, but I do think expanding FreeD to be able to parse multiple cameras is plenty for most use cases- certainly in mine anyway.


Thanks for the suggestion. If I’m understanding it correctly, you’re getting tracking data for multiple cameras in the same FreeD UDP stream and I assume each of these has a different camera_id value?

This is actually something I was dicussing recently in relation to a different tracking system. The idea was to add a camera parameter as a filter so that you could have multiple nodes listening to the same port where each one only accepts tracking data that matches its camera parameter.

Does that sound like it would work for you? It should be possible to carry that system over to the FreeD In node as well fairly easily.

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Yes this is correct- that should do the trick. Thanks!

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