VJ set-up with live rendering


I’m planning to do a videomapping-show with live music the end of august.
I’m quite new to the live rendering thing but I’m already in love with the idea.
Now I would like to design a tool/network that looks like the image I added.
So the idea would be to have some base-ops (banana-tops in the image to make it more clear) with inside of them a network that creates live visuals. (so they would have a movie file-out)
Those ops I would send to some kind of selecting tool (which could be a switch-comp I guess?)
after this, the selecting tool would send the images to Resolume trough a syphon-out.

Now my questions are:

  • Is this a doable idea, considering I have a laptop that is quite powerful but still, there would be 3 images being rendered + Resolume would be working in the same time?
    (I work mostly with tops, which is good for rendertime)
  • If this is not doable, I could have 1 syphon out, but ofcourse I’d prefer 3.
  • Also, I’d like to know how I could make the base-op render only when it’s selected? In the Touchdesigner interface there is a cross button on the bases, which turns them off. Is this a button I could possibly connect to another op? The button is shown in the second image.
  • If this would be possible and would take less power of my computer, do you think I could use my girlfriend’s laptop to render something too and send this over a VPN to my computer?

Thanks a lot in advance!


Well you have a lot to say in this message.

I can’t suggest anything about your girlfriend’s laptop but touchdesigner is basically made to do what you are talking about.

if you use a ‘select TOP’ and build your network correctly, the generative data shouldn’t need to always cook every frame.

It does most of this automatically if you are not viewing the contents of that data, it won’t just work in the background and chew up processes.

You also mention a lot of strange things like “so they would have a movie file-out” or “too and send this over a VPN to my computer?” that don’t really make sense to me.

I feel like you are adding a lot of complicated things to something that is probably a lot simpler then you are thinking.

Here’s an example I made that you can probably use pretty easily to do what you want.

simpleSwitcher.toe (33.8 KB)

For the extra Syphon TOPs with error on them, you can MMB on the error and see the error message. You can use multiple Syphon/Spout TOPs in TouchDesigner, up to 10 by default on Windows and even more if you edit the registry as explained in the help docs here: https://docs.derivative.ca/Syphon_Spout_Out_TOP