Vocal Pitch Tracker

This is a quick and dirty pitch detection COMP that returns the fundamental frequency in Hz and associated note name for a vocal input. It simply looks for the first spectral peak over the ‘Peak Threshold’. It outputs when the RMS of the input signal is over the ‘Trigger Threshold’. These parameters are of course both dependent on your microphone/audio input.

Needed one for testing and didn’t see anything in the forum. It’s all OPs and commented. Hopefully it’s of use!

Update v.2:
Tested with additional microphones. Made a few minor tweaks to the data output.
Now returns additional note information via out1 CHOP:
freq - frequency in Hz
note - note number within octave
octave - octave number
midi - midi note number

out2 DAT returns note name.
vocal_pitch_track.2.tox (3.7 KB)
vocal_pitch_track.tox (3.65 KB)


Thank you very much!
Very useful!

No prob :slight_smile:

Nice, L05!

thank you so much!!!I was already thinking that I had to go and learn MAX7 … you just saved me

Wow! Cool. This is super helpful

I’m not sure if I’m doing this correctly, but I just hooked it up to an audio dev in and set thresholds, but i’m not seeing anything?


Screen Shot 2021-05-31 at 7.39.39 PM
@deseipel it seems to be working with this configuration; as soon as I added an audiodevin it linked it automatically. It looks like the link to the other part was severed. Try starting from the original file again.

Thanks. I’m new and thought I didn’t need the perform op. What I’d like to do is use this as a way to either pitch correct/augment and or send MIDI. It’s a starting point maybe

I’m missing something here, this is the orig file, I just added an audio dev in which is tied to my mic and I get nothing.

Thanks so much for this! I started building a similar module in hopes of doing half of what you already designed.

Now I can focus on the fun stuff: using this to breath even more life and movement into my audio reactive projects!

Seriously, thanks again.

Glad it’s still useful! I just opened it for the first time in a long time and seems to still be operable.

@deseipel it looks from the latest screenshot that you have it hooked up properly. You may need to adjust your threshold values and check the gain on your input.

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Does 48khz vs 44.1khz matter? I played with threshold but could never get it working. I’ll try again. I feel like I’m missing something big

Sample rate shouldn’t matter. I have used it with both 44.1kHz and 48kHz. I have a hunch it’s a signal gain / threshold issue. Have you tried?

  • Increasing your microphone/input gain
  • Sticking a mathCHOP in there and multiplying the signal
  • Lowering the threshold values (maybe just reset to defaults)

Yeah, it was peak threshold, had to set it to .002 and trigger threshold to zero.