Voicemeeter / VB Matrix ASIO in/out no audio

Using Voicemeeter, or VB Audio Matrix (same company), if I set an audio device in or out chop to use any of the virtual ASIO devices, I get no audio in or out. There is no error showing in the info for the chop.
If I use the real audio interface ASIO device, it works as expected.
I have verified that with other applications the virtual ASIO devices do work as expected, so I can only assume the issue is with TD.
It was suggested to me that the issue might be related to the sample rate (and other bug reports here showed that TD used to crash entirely using Voicemeeter and 192k), so I tried setting everything everywhere to 44100 (instead of my usual 48000) but this did not make any difference.

TD: 2023.11340
Windows 11
VB Matrix

Hey @DaWolfey

I am unable to reproduce at the moment with my hardware and software solutions for ASIO.

This is logged to be checked internally on different hardware.


Thank you
If it’s of any relevance the audio interface I am using is a Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 2nd gen, driver version 4.119.13.

Hi @DaWolfey,

this is confirmed. On my end working with a MOTU, as soon as I select the VASIO as a source, the MOTU ASIO driver also breaks.

Additionally I can’t send audio to the VASIO devices.

It’s logged for us to further investigate.