Volumetric fog shader

Hi there,

I’ve built a volumetric fog shader that I would like to share with you all.
It renders 3d noise colored by up to 5 lights. It needs a render and depth TOP as
input. (see also example).
It uses a raymarch technique to determine the fog density.

Video demo: https://vimeo.com/247047174

Hope you enjoy it.

VolumetricFog.tox (117 KB)


Well done!
thank you for sharing !

Very nice!!
Thnks for sharing!!

very cool , thx for sharing

thx for sharing! Cool stuff!

This is great Tim, Thank you!

Is there a way to make this simulate a moving light or cone light beam? Like at a concert/nightclub when the fog/haze machine is running.

Thank you!

I’m afraid not with this version. I might write a new one in the coming weeks.

Thank you. Looks amazing!