VR related tutorials

Hello all. I’m just wondering why there is such a lack of vr related info / setup / tutorials with touchdesigner. Been having a hard time finding any documentation re this topic. Anyone have any leads? How does one go about setting a basic vr system for oculus?

Check out Markus Heckmann video tutorial at TouchDesigner Roundtable XIV - YouTube

Also a good one by Dylan Roscover here: Augmented reality in TouchDesigner tutorial with Dylan Roscover - YouTube

By following those two I was able to get VR working ok quickly as seen here: Vimeo

Good luck and if you have trouble I might be able to help. show us what you make!

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How did I miss these? Beautiful, thank you!

You are welcome. I would love to see what you make in VR. I intend to do more myself - the main problem is how to share this since not many folks have HMD’s yet. And covid is still here making sharing headsets risky. But I think the potential for great experiences is huge!

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Likewise. I will share whatever I come up with to this thread. I have a .tox that I will attempt to create an experience out of. A point cloud scan of nature. Once I get it good enough I will share the .tox itself to my fellow td heads. In the name of knowledge enhancement, extension etc!

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Hi @StudioM. I have 3D working quite well in Oculus Rift hard wired to PC and have decided to try to figure out how to try to do wireless Quest2 3D on YouTubeVR. I got some working in fisheye VR for VR180 but it is quite distorted at the poles. So now I am trying to figure out 3D equirectangular. This test I did today works ok in monoscopic 360 degree video: monoscopic VR360 test made in touch designer

Have you had any luck making stereo VR on your end with touch designer? Just curious.

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Hi there @gordharris!

I have gotten busy with other projects and life in general, so haven’t had much time with vr. I had a lot of problems setting up the projection matrix for my quest 2. The view was always distorted and made you feel cross eyed. Couldn’t get anything to work well enough. Another problem I encountered was the quest2 controllers are not sending any button, trigger, joystick info which is very odd. They are only sending out location and rotation data.

I have the quest tethered to the computer so it’s working through the oculus pcvr software like my rift s was. I could get some ok results by grabbing components from the included examples in the palette. But still want to figure out how to do it from scratch. Your YouTube examples are awesome keep up the good work! Wish there were some more good tutorials on setting things up. Seems like there are maybe three or four vr / td specific tutorials. The hunt continues!