VST Plugin Testing

I’ll keep the following blog article up to date with the VST plugins we are testing. Please let us know if there are particular plugins that aren’t working correctly. This thread is for talking VST so let us know what you’re doing with VSTs, what you’re favorite VST is, or maybe what you hope to see working soon.


Hello, thank you for the VSTs!
– I have tried Sonobus and it works great inside TD, able to route sound to different iOS or Android phones
– I need to use IEM ambisonic plugins to play ambisonic 1st order file (4 channels), moving it in space and translate to binaural 2 channels. IEM in TD doesnt recognise 4 channels entry.

Hey Jacques - there were already notes from Eric in the database regarding these plugins. I downloaded them and confirm I see the same thing as you. Good to have these to test as they have unique requirements.

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This plugin Unify deserves mention as I have succesfully loaded VST plugins like Battery (VST2) from Native Instruments using it as it is VST3 yet it can bring in VST2 and also create combinations of them and save there settings which the audioVST chop does not do. Yes you lose the amazign ability to import and control parameters, yet it is a great workaround for VST2’s. Unify (Standard Edition) - PluginGuru.com

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Interesting Rob thats very useful! And yes we are still working on saving the VST plugin state on saving.

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2022.20150 (Windows)

I have a suggestion for ambisonics related plugins: GitHub - leomccormack/SPARTA: A collection of spatial audio related VST plug-ins developed using JUCE and the Spatial_Audio_Framework

You will have to build the VST3 files yourself however. Feature request: VST3 · Issue #28 · leomccormack/SPARTA · GitHub

I encounter two issues with the VST3 ambisonics binaural decoder:

The first is that this VST plugin expects the block size to be a multiple of 128. I’ll ask the SPARTA devs about this because it seems too strict.

2022-03-02 11_01_41-

Second, I’m not sure the VST CHOP is trying to take in the 9 channels. Is it just taking 2 as a default?

If I change the Decoding Order parameter, I would hope that the VST would adaptively take in more channels. In ambisonics, N-order is (N+1)^2 channels. So 2nd order is 9 channels.

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Tested the latest Arturia plugin collection for Instruments and FX on Apple Silicon - everything is working great. Oops not sure Apple Silicon is public yet. I guess I let that cat out of the bag. Will be coming soon.

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Unfiltered Audio’s full plugin suite seems to be stable. Only haven’t tested the LION synthesizer yet.

As a music creator I see a lot of potential in VST support although it still has its issues (parameters losing their chop references when switching presets for instance). It gives users the ability to enhance and diversify audio experiences. Sadly I don’t have access to a Kinect but I bet automating audio effects with it could be a very cool experience and performance element.

I recently started incorporating TouchDesigner into my VST review process and it has opened some very interesting abilities I didn’t have before. So I’m looking forward to more support and stability for VST’s. If you look up my Turnado video on YouTube and skip to the voice demo that’s all Touchdesigner.

Thanks for the feedback. For VST plugin parameters it’s better to use a bind CHOP because it’s bidirectional, rather than a CHOP reference. That being said, we will look into ways to improve the interaction between preset/parameter changes in the plugin window and python expressions on the TD side.

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Ah I see. Yes using the bind CHOP seems to work really well. Thanks for pointing that out, I wasn’t aware of the function of those CHOP’s :+1:

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Regarding Ambisonics, Binaural/Ambisonic Rendering and Spatial Audio:
DearReality - Dear VR Pro is working fine using mac pro 14 2021, TD 2022.29850

If the IEM Suite could be used with multichannel in/out, this would be just great.

Also working as inteded:
Surge XT Synthesizer

NOT working: Surge XT FX

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