Vulkan device error macbook pro m1

Not sure if this is a bug, or a network issue of my own making, but somewhat unpredictably, I get a vulkan device error on Macbook Pro M1/ Monterey with the attached project.

MIAMI FINAL DMX.2.toe (633.1 KB)

Hey @merijnroyaards

Thanks for sharing the file.

Do you just let it run unsupervised and it happens ? Or is it while you are doing a specific action ?

Can you please share the exact OS version you are using ? Do you have any update available ?


Hi, thanks for looking into this, yes it happens when just running unsupervised, although pausing the cook on pointfield 2/3/4 seems to settle the network down.

OS is Monterey 12.3, no updates available there, and TD build is 64bit 2022 31030

Macbook Pro is 16inch, Apple M1 Max/ 32GB

Can you update to 13.1 by chance ?

So far running the file on a Mac M1 Mini with 13.1 I don’t get any issues.

However, they are video medias missing, and I see you use some OSC input, I guess as a show controller ?

Using the file you shared as is doesn’t seem to do much on my end so I’m likely not triggering in your network whatever could trigger the crash.

Any additional infos to share ?


I haven’t updated yet because of some plugin updates in other software, but that might be a good idea. And, yes, sorry, the media are referenced rather than embedded as VFS.

Interestingly, I did have a suspicion the issue might be to do with the OSC strings from Reaper, so the fact that things run without issues on your end might mean that is indeed the problem

Thanks again for looking into this, I’ll try some things here to see if I can narrow down the possible causes

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I just wrote this same thing in another thread, but I think this one is more specific to my problema.:
I’m having this same problem of Vulkan error, but in my case I’m using a macbook pro m1. TD 2022.32120. It is true that the file I am trying to export is a very high resolution 13,720x7220 Pixels film, but I had exported it before without problems.

I attach the report and the TD Project
vulkan (148.7 KB)
Sea creatures 4 el (10.2 KB)

Can you please share which OS version you have installed @gnomalab ? Any update available ?

macOS 12.6 Monterrey Build 21G115

Can you please try to update your OS ?

The file you shared run fine on a Mac Mini M1 with latest Mac OS 13.x.

Apple distribute graphic driver updates through its OS updates.

The crash you are witnessing will likely get solved by an OS update.

ok i’ll check all my programs to see if i can update OS without colateral damage