Vulkan Device returned fatal error code - Luminosity

Hello. I am learning Touchdesigner and came across Luminosity (GitHub - IntentDev/Luminosity: Front-end for TouchDesigner aimed at providing operators with an efficient interface to perform, control, and distribute realtime media while retaining the open-ended programmability of TouchDesigner.) for a VJ setup.

Whenever I open the project, I get a “Vulkan Device Fatal Error” .

Alienware m15 R7
Windows 11
RTX 3080TI

I have updated the drivers to the most current from Nvidia, and have not had an issue on any other project file. Any help would be awesome.

Hi @Mondovibes I can replicate as well. There were some GLSL errors because Luminosity hadn’t been updated in a long time but I still get the crash in the current official 2023.11600. No crash in 2022.xxxx .

Also @Derivative I do have TdrDelay set high and the crash is happening long before the timeout. No CrashAutoSave file but I did save a TouchDesigner.DMP file and can send if you think would help.

@Mondovibes in the meantime if you want to try out LM you can load it in an older version of TD before the 2023.xxxx builds. (you can install parallel builds so you can have both versions). Make sure to grab my latest commit on github because I’ve fixed the GLSL errors.


The TdrDelay only helps if the issue is a really long GPU operation. If it’s a GPU fault then it may error way earlier, when the GPU detects it.

You are awesome! Thank you so much for the help and amazing work.