Wacom Cintiq Multitouch Implementation

I am interested in developing a Touch Designer project that utilizes both stylus and multitouch input with the most recent generation of Wacom Cintiq products. I imagine the Tablet CHOP wold be very effective at translating stylus input. The problem is that the Cintiq does not appear to have a TUIO driver or implementation. The multi-touch input would be critical to my concept and this could be a show stopper for me.

Thanks in advance.

If the wacom talks to Windows like a Windows10 touchscreen device, the multi-touch should come through via the Multi Touch In DAT. We do not have Wacom so you’d have to take that approach for a test run.
The Tablet CHOP is only for the stylus and definitely from older generation devices, thought still works with anything that is Windows HID compliant.