WAKE - an interactive projection mapping dance performance b


My latest project is finally ready to share!
It’s a pretty straightforward projection mapping / kinect project, projecting graphics back onto the source and having a hell of a lot of fun doing it. I was lucky enough to partner with the amazing Moses Journey, animation director at BUCK, to bring some proper graphic design to my interaction design.

I think the results came out pretty well, and I’m looking forward to whatever we get up to together next!

Here’s what I’m posting to the arty/design blogs:

WAKE is an interactive projection mapping / dance / generative graphics / installation / performance art piece. It’s also step one in an effort to bridge the gaps between those fields.

There have been plenty of (pretty amazing!) projection mapped dance performances in recent years, but they tend to be rigidly predefined. Our goal is to build an expressive medium, where designers and performers work together as partners, and where our work can extend the dancers’ range rather than control it.


Really nice work David!

Thanks - can’t wait to see what comes of it! With any luck things could get really interesting…
And thanks for, you know, making the tools that make this kind of work possible.

This is awesome! I love this type of work, VERY inspiring :smiley:

I totally agree with your acertion that the media tends to be to heavy. What I’ve been working on since the late 70’s is “Body Mapping” which takes from stage lighting dance technically. Rather than using stage lighting instruments, I use multiple slide/video projections with a show control system to sych them. Being an illustrator and graphic designer I custom designed my own pattern sequences. I hand manipulated/etched patterns onto blank film directly to produce texture Intially onto 2x2"(48mmx48mm)slides. Then digitally intigrated vector graphics, so they were both digital and hand manipulated. I had many of the complex images digitally scanned and added to motion graphics I’ve also developed in line of previous designs. I’ve work with aerialist, ballet/pole and burlesque dancers in the past. In the coming months I’ll be including both body mapping and interactive work together for the first time on stage. It’s going to be via seperate 2 control system, Touch designer and Isadora sychronized to the music. See my work at dansebleue.com

Can I know the model of the projector you used?