Way for storing pre-rendered moving vertices?

Hi there, made a while since I posted here.
( Studio relaunched, and teaching part too : https://structure-void.com/about-us )

I’m seeking a way for pre-rendering a mesh, vertices or edges and to “write” each step in a file.

The idea, which may be not the good practice one, would be:

  • I use blender or something (even like Processing + He_Mesh lib) able to make some
    structures (3D shapes) exploding, crackling
  • then I record ALL coordinates of my structures in a file at each step of the process (for instance, a crackling is growing, a motion is occuring)
  • then I “play” it and render it in TD

Anyone on this kind of concept ?

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I’ve had success in the past playing back an FBX that’s been exported from blender. You can do all of your complex simulation, fracturing, etc. in that toolkit and then control the animation speed in Touch.

For more complex geometry, Alembic is a solid file format to use. I’ve had success with high density mesh animations from blender → Touch for real time playback and rendering.


Hi @raganmd, and thanks for your pointers and leads.

I’m curious about blender “plugins/addons” about erosion etc. I never used that.
I’ll try FBX way asap. Will post things if I have nice results.

About Alembic way, do you mean you used it for fracturing and altering blender based mesh ?

Alembic is another file format supported in blender and in TouchDesigner mostly used for exporting animated mesh files. In this case you can do all of your simulation / fracture / crumbling etc in blender, then export your project as an alembic file.


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@raganmd , thanks for your answer. I’m replying late…

I’m currently trying to explore what could be my way to simulate procedurally erosion/cracking/fractures/alteration and to render it as fbx. (or alembic)

Just tested a basic scene from blender, to fbx, to TD.
I got some issues but it works. Issues about the fact I only wanted to render the scene as points or line MAT, but apparently, I have to export on a specific way to avoid texture/lights informations etc to be exported too.