Web Server DAT - Browser stuck

I’m having some problems with the web server DAT that seem to be related to the html. For example, whenever I try using the tag it will connect but get stuck loading and never load the page until I restart TD (restarting the server in the parameters alone doesn’t work, nor does changing the port). It’s shown the same behavior in some seemingly random situations, but I’m lost on how to further troubleshoot the issue. Any ideas?

Also when trying to close TouchDesigner it will freeze and stop responding, usually requiring a force quit.

How frequently does this occur? Does it only happen when you have the tag? Could you attach your toe file?

Also, I recently fixed a bug with TD hanging for ~20 seconds when closing after using the Web Server DAT. Sounds the same bug as you’ve described here. That fix will be in the next experimental release.

Have the same Issue but without the part (I sent my files to Markus, i think you maybe had a look already regarding the byteData Issue). Sometimes a restart also wont help, but a change in ports.

I’ve attached my project file. Upon opening TD and starting the server I was able to easily navigate to localhost:9990, but then I tried changing the color of the background (line 8), and now it’s stuck reloading the page.

I also realized I hadn’t updated, but after installing experimental 30790 it’s still happening.
MacOS Mojave 10.14.5, using Safari

TouchHTML.13.toe (4.49 KB)

Thanks for the example – I was able to reproduce easily with it. This will be fixed in the next experimental release, 2019.31360+.

Sounds awsome, any idea when you will release the next experimental so i can test if the issue for me is also solved?

We’re aiming to release one next week.