Webcam input / Blackmagic ATEM mini

The blackmagic ATEM mini has a webcam output.
Recognized as webcam in generic camera app, OBS studio, skype in winodws 10.
But cannot get input from touchdesigner ( neither stable nor experimental).

Recognized as webcam from touchdesigner on mac osx just fine.

Checked camera privacy settings on windows 10 and all but no luck so far.

Any idea what the problem is?

Thank you.

In the Video Device In TOP, the default ‘Library’ parameter setting for Windows is DirectShow but this is a rather old library and often does not allow cameras to reach their full potential. The other main Windows library is Media Foundation. Could you try that library and see if it fairs better?

Thank you but I did try both - DirectShow & Media Foundation.
Both didn’t even list the camera.

I tried on 2019.20140 build / 36500 experimental.

Sorry, we don’t have any experience with this device nor one available to us.
Did you try the Blackmagic library option as well? Please note that in 2019.20140 TD supports the Blackmagic 10.11.x drivers whereas in 2019.36500 the support has been updated to Blackmagic drivers 11.x, so please get the appropriate drivers.

As far as I know, ATEM mini webcam output is just recognized as generic webcam, not as a BMD decklink device.
I tried with desktop video drivers and BMD settings in TD but it was not working as expected.

All the other softwares in Windows 10 recognizes it but not TD.

Thank you

Same issue here with the Pro.
Latest version of TD and BM video drivers 11.5.1

Bumping this thread- this is still not working in TD… how can we help you troubleshoot this?

All the normal suspects can see this webcam input in both Media Foundation and DirectShow- including Notch.

This device does not work with the Blackmagic Desktop Video SDK, and so it won’t work using the Blackmagic option in TD.

We updated DirectShow support in 2020.24520 which enables a bunch more software and devices, but from a friend’s test the Ateme Mini still doesn’t work (did you try that build?) We do not have one of these devices to test with, so it’s rather difficult to guess what is wrong.

We intentionally block Blackmagic devices through DirectShow and MediaFoundation (because using their SDK gives better performance) - but obviously that isn’t applicable to this device, so we can enable it.

@modernmachine (or anyone else with the device) are you able to screenshot the full name of the device as it appears in any other webcam software?

Seemthe GraphEdit screenshot above, it appears as “Blackmagic Design” in other software.

Thanks - enabled in the next release.

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Thank your for the efforts to solve this. DirectShow is unfortunately windows-only. Could you review/enable this for avfoundation/macos?