[WebClientDAT] Allow Search Method

When trying to use the SEARCH HTPP-Method, I get, understandibly, an error.
The SEARCH-Method is a proposal implementation to allow GET-Method wit a request body to allow for easier search.
The draft is expired and there seems to be no real news on this, but there are APIs making use of this:

And I am pretty sure I was once able to do so without issues.

Thanks for the heads up. This is definitely something we can add.

It doesn’t seem to be that widely used yet however. Is there a particular server you’re using with this feature?

It def is not widely used, but Directus has implemented that feature as an alternative to Get.
The reasoning is that passing complex filters via query-params is hard to read/can hit limits.

But yeah, it is super fringe case.

What’s also interesting with implementing a spec with an expired / evolving draft is that, as you can see with Directus, they use SEARCH as the method type, but the draft you link above was renamed from SEARCH to QUERY in May 2022.

I we were to add that, I don’t think we would implement it as SEARCH… more likely we would implement it as QUERY…