WEBGUI improved version

Thanks again to LESCUREJ for his original version WEBGUI.
I made some improvements to this version.
The two-way communication between the computer and the mobile phone is basically realized.
the data displayed on the web page can’t follow the changes on the computer side.
Hope you can continue to improve if you have the ability.
The menu options are already avaliable to support reverse communication.
Add support for float and interger types.
Some modifications to the CSS styles.

webGUI.tox (98.7 KB)

I think you’ve got a typo there: “can’t follow the changes on the computer side”. I tested it and it does follow the changes.

But some bugs are present:

  • The buttons/slider sync when changing from TD side, but the text does not update to show the new value.
  • Integer sliders don’t work
  • First have to change a parameter from the webui side before it ‘links’ to update from TD side.

yes,there is no way to update the text from TD side.
I uploaded it again.
Integer sliders are work now.

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I tried to figure out how to make it update the value strings, but can’t even figure out how the sliders are updating. I see in the generated html that they have some parameters like the min/max (which currently are not dynamically set, all sliders range 0 to 1), value type and value itself. But when moving a slider in TD, I see in /project1/webGUI/Card1/htmlGen/item1 for example that the html gets updated, yet when inspecting the web page in chrome dev tools, I see the slider moving but in the code the value remains the same >_<

All in all I guess it would be possible to update the text as well but possible more of a question for the uikit github issue tracker.