Webrender interactMouse() not working


back with another webrender question…
Since I’m probably lacking some technical words on the web side, I’ll just explain a bit the situation.

I’m working on a project where I want to post pictures on Instagram from TD.
Everything is working quite good, navigating sending commands to webrenderTOP as op("webrender1").mouseInteract(x,y,leftClick=1)
Now I need to tag people on the picture, but the click is not responding.
I have it working when I simulate a mobile device on Chrome so I think it could theoritically work…

I run into this post where @alphamoonbase is mentionning the click interaction not working, but I don’t know if it’s about a random bug or a very consistent failure like the one I’m running to.
With my current knowledge I don’t know in which direction to look at, any tip very welcomed :slight_smile:


are you still passing in the touch options you mentioned here:

Hard to tell what the instagram page is looking for.


I’m not sure if this is relevant to your problem, but I’ve noticed with interactTouch() method that the target panel needs to have its active flag on otherwise sending the message errors out. This is becoming problematic for me, because I’d rather not have to render the target panel I’m controlling with this method while in perform mode, and the interaction seems to be limited by the resolution the panel I’m targeting is being rendered at, so even rendering it small doesn’t help.

@snaut I was not, but now I went throught many available switches that seemed to be event just a bit related, but nothing worked out.

@drmbt comment put me on some hypothetic lead though, the webrenderTOP doesn’t accept the interactTouch() method, but when I check the event listener in the chrome dev tools simulation, I see there are more things going on in the “touchstart” event than the “mousedown” event…
Could it be that the website is waiting for a touch event but I’m sending a mouse event?

I’m currently trying to simulate a touchStart event with executeJavaScript()

We can’t really answer your questions about what sort of commands your specific website is expecting. So why not use an API designed for what your are trying to do? That would seem to be a far more robust solution.

@nettoyeur that was my first idea for the project, but there are unfortunately too many limitations which makes it unfit to what I have to do (requires IG business account, max 25 posts / day, no stories…)

I think I have no other solution but keep digging that way

Hey @flashbacker and @drmbt,

the interactTouch method is just intended for Panel COMPs to simulate touch interfaces as there are special requirements like hovering…

There is a sendTouch which is currently not utilized by the webBrowser TOP which would most likely simulate the touch events needed for websites that make use of the touch based javascript to properly function.


Hey @flashbacker I just remembered you can always use the Web Render TOP’s executeJavaScript() method to execute any javascript you want. You can use this to simulate any click, touch, or basically any other event.

For an example see my SimpleBrowser which I made many years ago. This was from before the interactMouse() method existed, so this is Python sending a javascript string to the browser to simulate every mouse click: SimpleBrowser (099)

And here’s an example how to simulate touch events in javascript:

have fun!

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hey @nettoyeur
yes that was what I was looking in, thanks for pointing out your simple browser example, I already used it to understand the executeJavaScript() method on a previous project :slight_smile:

I’ve found this post interesting to implement some JS a bit more complex than a one line command in TD and it seems really similar (or completely identic!) to the code in the post you were refering to.

Now it seems the instagram mobile web page is a bit more complex to interact with than I thought at first, but it’s becoming a JS problem. But once this is solved, this approach should work