WebRTC Input/Output

Recently we’ve gotten a lot of project requests that involve working with video that is originating as WebRTC and/or needs to be delivered via WebRTC.

It would be fantastic if we had some native method to receive/send WebRTC streams without needing to transit through another transcoder.


+1000 for webrtc support, including voice and data channels. These days there are even hw/nvenc accelerated webrtc libs like the one from the 3D streaming toolkit and a few others I cant find right now


+1 for webrtc support…

I think this site gives a good overview of hw accelerated webrtc

Also the repo I previously linked seems to be old and it’s now part of MS MixedReality Toolkit

@Achim ditto.


it was in use also in my work

Just another +1 for WebRTC! :slight_smile:

+1 for webrtc support
I really need it to use Pixel Stream(Unreal Engine).

This might be useful: https://github.com/aiortc/aiortc

+1 from the ones who need “online” during a pandemic.

+1 !

Def a nive feature for building web UIs!

+1 for webrtc support

+1 for webrtc support

+1 for webrtc support ! That would be an awesome feature!

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In the latest experimental 2020.44350, you can use a Web Render TOP to load websites with WebRTC. You need to turn on the parameter Enable Media Stream to allow camera and mic access. I tested with this site:

Hope this is helpful.

Can we supply a TOP /CHOP as a media source ?

And can we grab data channels, audio,… from the web render top?

Another +1 for the ability to stream webrtc or HLS using the webserver DAT, maybe a webServer TOP style setup.

I tried OBS Ninja and seems to work with a web render TOP