WebserverDat and pre-rendered video content for HTML video

I am a bit stuck trying to figure out a solution using a webserverDat and trying to populate some dynamic HTML content with various types of media, specifically rendered video that is saved into the local project folder structure. I have been trying to find examples online and even in the HQ Interactive tutorials but I cannot find out if what I am attempting is just not possible or if I am doing something wrong.

For context I am trying to build a local webserver that will serve up screen content to a series of devices around a space. Each of these devices will just be pointing to a specific url that will server back generated html files by the webserverDat I have in my project. These files will be updated through a control interface at various times and change the content on the displays.

I can deliver static images fine right now as I can just point to a specific operator and have the server return back that op as a png byte array and it loads into the html totally fine. Where I am running into problems is in trying to return a pre-rendered video file as a source for an html video div. I cannot point the html to a file in the folder structure as it’s not recognized by TD. and when I try and point it to a moviefileinTOP it is not a valid source. I am definitely approaching part of this incorrectly, but was wondering if I am missing some steps to easily serve up video content over the web through TD.

Does anyone have experience working with TD WebserverDAT and generated video files in HTML content? I would really appreciate any help you could offer.