WebsocketDAT doesn't connect

Hey everyone,
after using the API of Dorna (which wasn’t performative enough and anyways uses websocket under the hood) I decided to switch to use the websocket protocol to control my robot arms. In other software (Chataigne) the robot arms connect without a problem and like a charm, but in TD nothing happens - my firewall is turned off and other software on my computer can access the controller without a problem - the TCIP operator is able to make a connection as well. Do you have any suggestions what is going wrong? I know it might be hard to recreate without having a controller yourself, but thanks a lot in advance!

What version of TD? There used to be a bug in some earlier 2022 versions that only allowed connecting on port 80. And are you able to connect to other websocket servers from within TD’s websocket DAT?

I am using 2022.29850 on an M1 Mac. I created another web socket to communicate with Chataigne and it worked.