Weird behavior calling pulse() on a freshly-replicated node

I have a node set up like this:

  • A replicator
  • My ‘master’ node
  • …which has a “Refresh” pulse
  • …and a child parexec listening for that Refresh

My replicator’s onReplicate callback pulses that Refresh on newly created nodes… sometimes. Earlier it was working fine but now it’s really finnicky. If I force cook before calling the pulse, then the Refresh happens for all nodes except the first. And it also only works if the master node’s Enable Cloning is true and I set the clone for all replicated nodes in the onReplicate callback.

I’ll try to attach a toe in the comments because users can’t attach in topics.

Here’s the .toe where I can reliably replicate this behavior. Both understandable but also annoying that I can’t post this directly here as a new user:

drive DOT google DOT com/file/d/16sIarnbLK0d5JASq8DzR3_jKoemsYLOz/view?usp=sharing

Can replicate, adding this to bug queue. Thanks for the report and example!

You were on the right track with the cooking, but needed to cook parexec too. Here’s a workaround that will get you up and running while we figure out what’s going on.

Thanks for the quick response, glad I could help replicate the bug :smile:

That workaround is good with me, appreciate it!

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