Weird blanking behavior with Helios DAC

Hey everybody!

I just got a Unity Lasers Raw 1.7 and a Helios DAC and I am having some issues with blanking in TD. I have also tried the free LaserShowGen which doesn’t seem to suffer from the same issue (so im pretty sure its not a hardware issue). The issue is that I am getting wild lines between shapes, or shapes not showing up at all if there are multiple shapes merged together. As said before, I suspect this is a blanking problem. The base range in TD is 0-1. Do I need to jack this up like massively high or something (afraid to try, dont want to break something already).

Thank you in advance,

Are you using a Laser CHOP to generate the points?

And what is your input’s sample rate? Looks like the Unit Lasers Raw 1.7 has a max of 25000 points per second, aka a max sample rate of 25000

Yes, Im using the Laser CHOP. I think the sample rate was the problem, I had it at the default of 96000.

Thank you for your help!!!

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