Where do I download TouchPlayer?

Hi. I’ve recently purchased a licence for TouchPlayer for an installation.

The problem is, I can’t find any download links on the site to download and install TouchPlayer - only Non-Commercial, Commercial or Pro.

Also, searching through the site there is no help or any documentation about this.

Can somebody point me towards a resource where I can find TouchPlayer for install?

Hi @Fitzy1000,
TouchPlayer is part of Touchdesigner, it’s the exact same engine without the network editor. You just have to download and install the Touchdesigner version that you need. It will install TouchPlayer in the same folder and create automatically a shortcut for you.

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You have to download it separately for Mac OS though.

Are you looking for the latest Touch Player on Mac OS @Fitzy1000 ?

If yes, it’s here: https://download.derivative.ca/TouchPlayer.2021.15240.dmg

And you can always find it by clicking the Download (MAC) button of the archives here: Releases | Derivative