Where is the help reference documentation/wiki/anything?

I dont understand where the help docs are with this new website.
I just want to find reference help for UDP OUT DAT .

clicking ‘?’ on parameters in 099 2019,16600 just takes me to a page that says:

‘Welcome to our new website.
For existing accounts, request New Password in My Account.’

but I already did this.

I already requested a new password. im logged in .
where is the offline help file ?
099 2019,16600

Hi cod65,
You do not need to do anything it works as it always has from inside TouchDesigner. I think you might have just been very unlucky as we were pushing some updates out the our server. (trying to do it in the quiet hours of the morning but its bound to catch someone)

You don’t need to be logged in either. The “?” just takes you to the corresponding page in docs.derivative.ca

thks ben, yeah maybe that is what is up. sorry for panic! :wink:

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