Dear VJ’s,

I need some help on a flexible windows hardware. I’m thinking of a notebook, due to flexibility and the fact that I anyways need one. I would like to have 3 display outputs on it, eventually with adapter. I’m working with different software, projectors and projects. Some have data processing, some only video processing, different resolutions and usually more then 1 display/projector. up to 4k.
Can somebody recommend any notebook? My budget is 2500€

Thanks for help

I bought in June a MSI GS65 R, i7 8th gen, GTX1070, 3 video output and I can do what I wanted on TD, DaVinci, Fusion, Unity and Blender. Its a little bit more (2700€, 3000€ with a second 1To SSD).
Just be careful to install a fresh windows OS or suppress all the installed bloatware.
Particulary Nahimic who forbid TD to work properly.