Why animation COMP is not working correctly

I wrote a python script to the keys DAT in animation COMP, which logically reads the data as keyframe data, but the keyframe component in it is not any data I want, and in Anmation Editer, the channel is a straight line without any keyframes. When I change the function of a keyframe, and then change it back, and then switch to a different channel and switch back, it works, why is that, and how do I fix it? If I use the setKeyframe function to set my keyframes, I want to add a keyframe at frame 0, and the data at frame 0 will have one more keyframe with the default value, which is not what I want.

I found out that I typed the wrong function name :upside_down_face:

Hi @InterestingQAQ,

just for others to understand, it was a typo: bizier() vs bezier()