Widget echo back values


I don’t know if this is already possible, but i would like to have a slider controling the scroll of a video in another software (VDMX) though OSC. So i have a slider in TD and OSC out the value to the VDMX timeline. It works great but this only one way.

I would like to update the slider position in TD according to VDMX timeline but of course by doing so, i create an OSC loop which is messing with the video playback.

What could be great would be to be able to update the position of the slider but without sending the value out of the widget unless you are modifying it with the mouse inside TD so that the slider position can be updated and only driving the VDMX slider position when scrolling the TD slider.

Could be the same for buttons or other widgets

If you are working in 30k check this out: docs.derivative.ca/Experimental:Bind_CHOP

Allows you to check the source of a channel change in callbacks.