Widget Questions

I’ve been a fan of the custom parameters on COMPs + Parameter COMP for creating my UI. It’s super quick to setup and I rarely need to make something fancy, so this process works for me. But if Widgets are the current direction for UI creation, I need to start exploring that.

One question I have, the Lister Widget is still missing an input/output right? I’m trying to figure out a way I can link it to a menu in my custom parameters, so that it gets populated from the menu, but also can select a menu item.

(sidenote: is the resizing issue for parameter comp ever going to get fixed? Shortening the display width and using menus is still pretty broken)

Widget masters, mains, cloning… I had a read of the wiki entry for widgets and I’m still unclear on how to update widget styling across a project by using a master. It sounds like the widget system might be a bit hard to grok without seeing the advanced widgets, but how do I just re-style my widgets by changing a master?

Hi guys, I split these questions out as they were buried in the ‘new build posted’ thread and no one noticed them. Will have someone answer shortly.

Basic Widgets don’t currently have a master styling system. This may be added later. Your best option is to create your own styled set of Basic Widgets using the top level parameters, then always copying from your customized set instead of the default palette versions.

Full Widgets will have a full styling system.

ist that still relevant? Does that mean I cannot clone a basic widget?

Replied in your other thread.

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