Widgets and Presets?

I need to develop a good preset system for a project im working on. At the moment In the simplest terms, I’m exporting a bunch of parameters, merging them all together and using the snapshot on the constant chop to create my presets. I’m then using a blend chop to blend between the “constants.” and feeding that back into all my modules.

First of all, is there an easier way to do this? Second, is there an easy way to poll and replace all of the widget states? It would be great to hit a button and create a preset for all the widgets present in the project.

Concerning preset, I would preferably use Table DAT to store and retrieve numerical (and also textual) preset. Its easily readable and you can set it manually.
Here is a little and quickly made example. You can choose which preset you store and after you can output values with DAT to CHOP and blend it with Cross CHOP. after that you can feed your value using override to mix properly preset and actual value
It can be very difficult to manage complex presets with Constant CHOP.
Hope that helps,
TDpresets.toe (5.32 KB)

The Presets tool in the Palette takes snapshots of all custom parameters. Since Widgets parameters are all actually just custom, it might work for you. Have you tried it.

It does not do blending, just snapshots.

This is the best idea is there a read me?

I’m now using the preset toe in the techniques folder.