[Widgets] AutoUI - CreateUI() with arguments instead of pars

I think it would be nice if, instead of settings the different parameter in the AutoUI first and then calling the GenerateUI() method, it would be nice to pass all the parameters as arguments to the method instead and call the GenerateUI() method when pressing the pulse-parameter.

Sounds sensible and pretty easy to do. What’s the purpose exactly? I’d want to make sure the changes help you in the way you’re looking for.

It is probably more about personal coding aesthetic but I think it is nice to have the possibility to interact with comps in a more code-based way, without the in-between step of setting the parameter.
Calling the method an maybe using the pars as a fallback gives more flexibility and could make the code more readable in different styles (and reduces the ammount of written code.)

So instead (when using autoUI with a Replicator) of

for c in newOps:
		targetPath = template[c.digits, 'path'].val
		op.autoUI.par.Customcomp = op(targetPath)
		op.autoUI.par.Ui = c

you could also write

for c in newOps:
		op.autoUI.GenerateUI(customComp = op(template[c.digits, 'path'].val), ui = c)

And with using it as a optional argument it is still compatible to the way it is now.