Widgets - setting value range for sliders

How do you set the min/max value range for the sliders in the new Widget system?
/gal had parameters for the range and for clamping the values, but I don’t see anything equivalent in the new widgets.

Looks like you can set the norm min/max of the Value0 parameter on the widget itself, which seems to have the desired effect. But won’t that get wiped out by cloning?

Yeah I’m also looking for this. Seems like a big one that’s missed. Where are you finding this norm min/max setting?

The norm min/max are properties of the parameters, so you can edit them using the “customize component” dialog. But I’m not sure that that approach will work with cloning.

The only way currently to change widget value ranges is by using the component editor and editing the appropriate Value0 / 1/ 3/4 parameters. The upcoming advanced widgets has much nicer facilities for this.

I use for append slider widget range with a script:
normMin and normMax for set the range and min et max for clamp the value with the same range.
it works…

# create a float parameter on the Base COMP node called base1
baseOp = op('base1')
newPage = baseOp.appendCustomPage('Car Controls')
newTuplet = newPage.appendFloat('Speed', label='Speed of Car', size=1)
# get the first (and only) parameter of this tuplet
p = newTuplet[0]

# define attributes of the newly created parameter

# normMin member defines the slider minimum value
p.normMin = -2

# normMax member defines the slider maximum value
p.normMax = 2

# default member defines the default value of the parameter
p.default = 0.1

# min member defines the absolute minimum value of the parameter
# clampMin member prevents lower values than set in min
p.min = -10
p.clampMin = True

# max member defines the absolute maximum value of the parameter
# clampMax member prevents higher values than set in max
p.max = 10
p.clampMax = True