[win10/11 x64, build 16270] engine comp bugs/findings

Hey everyone! I was trying to put a custom chop that I have into the engine COMP and it took me a while to figure out how to do it, so I made an example that I’m attaching to the post. You can open it and see all
the comments I’ve added there to understand what is the problem exactly, but TLDR is this:

  1. Custom ops don’t work inside the engine unless they are not in the global path, so putting your custom op to the plugins directory of your project won’t work
  2. Using cplusplus op instead helps, but you need to keep in mind the path to the dll. Of course you can always put an absolute path but it will silently break in your engine comp if you open it on another machine
  3. There’s a weird issue with the path if you want to provide it on the component level and reference it inside your cpp op (see example project for the details)

To Deriative: It would be nice to be able to use your project-local custom ops as is, if possible, or maybe there should be a path parameter on the engine comp for cases like this. Also please check inside my example for more quirks on using custom ops inside engine comp.

I hope it will help you guys, because it took me a good 6-8 hours to get this thing to work while maintaing the portability of the project :slight_smile:

engine_test.zip (33.7 KB)


Hi @densi - thanks for the detailed report on this. There’s obviously a lot we can do to improve custom OP usability under TouchEngine. I’m taking a look and will update here when we have answers or improvements.

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Thanks again for the comprehensive demo.

  1. In the next stable release of TouchDesigner, TouchEngine will load custom OPs from a plugins directory alongside the component that is being loaded. This is different than your demo but matches behaviour for other assets referenced within a component loaded in TouchEngine.
  2. It’s definitely sometimes useful to have a component loaded in the Engine COMP treat paths the same way it would if it was running in the network, and we are discussing a way to toggle this behaviour for all assets, including plugins. Any change will come in a future experimental release.
  3. You ran into an issue which meant some relative paths (like your “…/…/plugins/”) didn’t work in CPlusPlus OPs. I’ve fixed this in the next release.



Thanks a lot for this!

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