[Win10 2020.23680] Engine COMP - Insufficient samples were provided for rendering

Not sure what I’m doing wrong. I also tried doing the TopTo CHOP outside the tox and then merging all the channels together and passing that through a single Chop In, but then I would get a flashing error sign (I think it kept trying to reload the Engine and kept failing?)

Engine Error.zip (8.1 KB)

Only time-sliced CHOP Ins and Outs work in a useful way right now - I’ve just updated the wiki to note that. Having all CHOPs work through the Engine COMP is pretty high up our list of improvements.


+1 for more CHOP compatibility with Engine COMP. Looking very forward!

Is this also the case when I convert CHOPs to TOPs?
Unfortunately the Engine COMP also doesn’t like audio that is converted to TOPs as inputs…

Audio is time-sliced, and time-sliced CHOPs do work, so I’d use CHOP Ins and Outs for audio where that fits your workflow. You may want to fix the number of pre and post buffered frames using the parameters on the Tune page for the Engine COMP.

There are issues with a lot of float texture formats in TouchEngine with the current release, which will be fixed in an upcoming release. I’d imagine that’s what you’re seeing (or not seeing) if you’re using CHOP to TOP - a lot of formats degrade to 8-bit.