Win10 2020.24520 - Engine skipping pulsed parameters?


First try with the engine, I thought a good use case would be to save pictures without stalling the main process, but using a pulse parameter on the component loaded in the engine, it seems the pulse is not always received.
I wonder if this should be done differently (I tried having a chop input and a chopexec inside the engine component but it causes other issues) or if it’s not meant to work?

See attached toe and video, the engine component saves a picture and also increments a constant chop

Thank you. @bangnoise :wink: (12.7 KB)

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+1 I’ve also been experiencing sporadic behavior with pulse pars into Engine COMPs. They seem to work most, but not all of the time; just like in your example, @vinz99.


Thanks - we’ve got an issue raised for this, watch this space…


Can confirm that I can reproduce as well (on latest build). Seems like passing a time sliced 0-1 CHOP is a safer bet.


I think I tried a time sliced chop as well but then I would get multiple triggers instead of one, though maybe I could account for it. But didn’t seem super reliable either.