Win10 2020.24520 Window opening size "Automatic from Panel COMP/TOP" broken for TOP?

Thanks a lot!

autosize.toe (4.3 KB)

I see this but only when opening as ‘Separate Window’, Perform Window works fine. Is that was you see?

Hi Ben,

It’s happening going to perform mode with F1 for me :

when the project1 cont is pointed to, automatic from panel COMP/TOP gets the correct size (1280x720) and the width/height get grayed out (though it doesn’t refresh right away, only when going to perform mode and exiting)

when project1/out1 is pointed to, the width/height of out1 (1920x1080) are ignored, and 400,300 is used and not grayed out.

Thank you

Weird, it is now reversed for me in 25380, was testing in 24520 before. Anyways, there is a bug there either way and its being looked at. As you discovered, the workaround is to use a Container to point to instead of TOP, specifying a TOP seems broken.

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Thanks Ben, yeah it’s a small thing, alternatively setting the resolution with a reference or manually works too, but it was convenient :smiley: