Window COMP output frozen


I am using a simple network with a Top tied to Stoner and a Window COMP projecting the stoner out Top.

When using corner pin function from stoner, i can see the image updated on the Ops viewers but nothing updates on the projector. Nothing changes live. I have to quit Window COMP fullscreen mode and go back to fullscreen again, then changes takes effect.

Window COMP output seems frozen


TD Version 2019.18580 on macOS Mojave

See attached tox as an example

testWinComp.tox (430 Bytes)


Your drawwindow parameter on your Window COMP is disabled. Enable it and you should be good to go.

You are damn right !

I think i have checked every parameter 10 times so i missed it 10 times !
Unbelievable !

thanks a lot

What I often do, is hit the little ‘bullseye’ looking icon at the top right of the parameter dialog.
Its called “Non-Default Parameters Only”.

This will hide all default parameters, leaving only those that you have changed.

You can quickly spot cases like this.