Window COMP span across multiple chosen screens


I have a 5 screens setup and i would like to keep Touchdesigner network on one and send my content to the other 4 screens.

Now i can choose a screen to send the window on or extend the content to all monitors.

What about a mix between those two modes like “span across monitors” starting with monitor 1 for example ?

This is the case for pretty much all VJ Software / media servers right ? But maybe there is some technical limitations here that i am not aware of.



I guess it’s an implementation of a ui that helps with the Window COMP and it’s many parameters…
To simulate your RFE you could take the Monitors DAT as a helper and use the left/bottom columns as sources for the Offset parameter in the Window COMP when in Bounds of All Monitors mode.


Hey !

Oh i see ! i have never thought about that option. I thought “All Monitors” would cover… all monitors, no matter what ! i’ll have a test as soon as i have access to my multiple monitors setup (i don’t right now).

I quite like the “many parameters” way though :slight_smile:

Wouldn’t be easier to let access to the monitor number parameter when switching to “all monitors” mode ? right now it is greyd out when using this mode.



can’t remember the reasoning, but as the offset parameter in conjunction with the Monitors DAT provides all necessary elements for any screen setup, it might just be to cut down on parameters and options that do the same thing. Otherwise I can see that it’s much easier to give it a “starting monitor” instead of having to figure out the offset.

In the attached tox, you have a Select DAT to specify the starting monitor for you.


spanning.tox (1.4 KB)

Thanks for the example !

well additional parameters wouldn’t be needed as they already exist : one would just have to select “bounds to all monitors” (or any other name if necessary) and use the “monitor” slider to specify the starting monitor (but this one is actually greyed out).

But yes, the offset feature seems like a universal way of doing it, even when dealing with only one additional monitor. The “Justify…” drop down menu acts more like a shortcut to pre-defined settings.