Window with borders but no header

Hi there,

with the windowHeader Widget it is possible to design very nice looking window headers, but when opening the window without borders, it is not possible to resize the window with dragging the edges.
So it would be great to draw a window with borders, but hide the default TD window header.

I hope this makes sense.

Best wishes,


big +1 from me on this, having dynamically re-sizable windows that fit the aesthetic would be really valuable!

You can set the border of the component and enable "Drag edges to resize (only works with bottom and right one really).

Thanks alphamoonbase, but somehow this only allows me to make the window smaller.
Dragging to the right or bottom doesn’t enlarge the window for me…

Increase the Resize size (W Range, H Range). They are limited to 400/300 by standart but you can increase them (i have them set to 1920/1080 in my example pictures)

I have done that and no matter what the w and h range are, I can only every decrease size, never increase.