[Windows 2021.13610] Text TOP Scalable Display Method renders differently when project is relaunched or updated

Text TOPs using the Scalable Display Method do not render the same way when the project is reopened or when opened with a more recent TouchDesigner project. This has happened to me every time I upgrade TouchDesigner and requires me to go into all my projects and fix it. Here is a video demonstrating the issue

And here is a link to the files used in that video.

Thanks for the report and the video. I’ll get this fixed ASAP.

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Does this happen to you in any way if you are working only in 2021.13610? There were a few fixes to line spacing and sizing for slug between 12380 and 13610. The layout that has “THIS IS SOME” all on the same line is the correct layout, and the previous layout you say “THIS IS” on the first line only was rendering at the wrong font size.

Oh copy that! No, I actually can’t replicate that reopening issue in 13610. I just redid the test starting from 13610 and it remained consistent! I guess I don’t know if this issue is a bug or just the result of bugs being fixed haha.

Both actually. The rendering was wrong sometimes on the first cook of those nodes (you can see it change if you Force Cook it), but also the results changed because the line spacing changed due to a bug fix.

Ah! That makes sense! Thanks so much for looking into this Malcolm!