Windows Fonts Issue on 2019 19930

Font issue: why the FONT parameter in the textTOP doesn’t lists all the fonts installed in Windows?

I installed the BN Machine but it is not listed.

On another PC it works.

This windows 10 installation is pretty new! :frowning:

Thank you!

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Hi @Simplo, this is an issue with font files that hold multiple styles, we have it on our todo.

What you can do it load the .ttf or .otf file directly into the Font File parameter as a workaround. You could also make a copy of that font file and leave it in your project file to make it more portable.

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Thank you for the reply!

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I’m running into this issue in 22080/23680 [Win10 x64] as well. I can confirm via Photoshop/other apps that the font in question (Barlow, ttf, from Google Fonts) holds multiple styles. Interesting.

What is preventing me from loading it directly into fontfile is that this par is not supported in Lister, hence my dilemma.

Hope it can be addressed soon! Cheers.

Heyho, same here. I can only select about 20 fonts starting with letter A and two fonts starting with B from the dropdown menu. But I can load the font file directly

Windows 10 Pro
Version 2004
Build 19041.329
TD 2020.23680

i found this folder C:\Program Files\Derivative\TouchDesigner\Samples\Fonts
here are the font files not installed on your system.
i tried adding new .ttf here but they do not show up
i wanted Roboto Mono and did not care for condensed
so i deleted condensed, added the mono files and renamed them condensed
this seems to work

We don’t scan that folder in our installation directory for new fonts, it just where we put fonts we use internally.

In the 2020.40000 series of builds we’ve improved the font enumeration though so more styles are shown.

cool, will it also solve the multiple styles problem?

@omnivox Yes, the font menus in places like the Text TOP now properly show all styles embedded in the fonts.We’re aiming to release the first 2020.40000 builds soon, stay tuned!.