Windows - Menu navigation using keyboard


Thank you for this beautiful software.

In other software I use the keyboard arrows to navigate menus.

For example, in the “File” menu I use arrow down to go to “Open recent” and then again use the arrows to select a file to open. I finally press “Enter” to open the project.

This does not seem to work on my installation.

Is this expected behavior or did I misconfigure something?

“Alt+F” does not work too. It is used to open the “File” menu.

Without these hotkeys, it is not possible to use the keyboard to perform a lot of actions.

It is working in Ableton and other software I use.

Thank you in advance

Hi @sdtouchdd,

very happy that you enjoy the software.

On the UI side, the actions mentioned by you are currently not implemented.
I will move your post though into the RFE section so we consider these during ui work.


Thank you for taking the time to understand my issue.

Would you have a link to your ticketing system so I can follow its eventual progress or maybe it is a private ticketing system?


Hi @sdtouchdd,

sorry, we do not share such details.


Thank you.

Here is another case where TouchDesigner differs compares to other software related to accessibility / keyboard management.

In drop-down menu list like this one :

It is not possible to use the arrow keys to quickly switch elements.

Using arrow keys allows to quickly try different values.

An other example, imagine trying 100 different fonts in the Text TOP, you need to perform several clicks for each Font instead of being able to go to the next one using the arrow key. I know you can map a slider or something else, but in exploratory phases it is not convenient.

It is also not possible to use the Tab key to select drop-down menus. The Tab key only cycle Number parameters.