Windows11 Real Sense camera D435

La configuración de la cámara D435 es real y funciona bien en color, pero cuando la pongo en Profundidad, se oscurece completamente, ¿cuál es la causa?

El firmware ha sido subido a 5.13 y es SDK ver v2.50.0.

What version of TouchDesigner are you using?

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I made a mistake in the translation.
Here are the specs

Real Sense Camera d435

Firmware 5.13

SDK v2.50.0

touch designer 2022

Thank you for your cooperation.

How about this one?

Does the camera work correctly using the RealSense Viewer? If it doesn’t work on RealSense Viewer, it could be that the USB port is USB2.0 instead of USB3.0, or a USB cable that is not sufficient for RealSense.

It works correctly in RealSense Viewer.
When I try to check with TouchDesigner, I get an error.

Thanks, I have logged this for a developer to look into.