Workaround so that TD stops crashing?

Still working out the kinks to TD. I create a trace from a moviefile in and then add an extrude. If I do pretty much any tinkering with the extrude parameters (ex. Fit to Curves) the program crashes.

I understand this may be a very taxing thing to do for the program but was wondering if there is a way to get around this? Or should I just not extrude a trace from a moviefile in?

Report the issue with a sample .toe file to the bugs forum and we can take a look.

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Its a lot to ask for many points to be arbitrarily generated and connected 60x / second. I’d suggest severely limiting the number of points with a fit or resolution top to something very low, and also maybe lowering your projects FPS.

Once you have had a chance to experiment with the technique and look you want at a very low resolution, you can start raising the cookRate and resolution of your TOP to figure out what your machine can handle.