Workflow for searching/finding correct Material Design icon codes?

I was super stoked about Material Design font because it contains what seems like every character or icon in the world but the problem with that much information is inevitably filtering it down to what you need and searching the web for cheat sheets tend to, at least in my trials yield mostly incorrect icons.

It’s easy enough to render out a texture of these icons, and slowly search that for stuff that might be useful, but with so many pages to search and the likelihood for error or missing some, this seems like a really ineffective way to go.

Any ideas?

Here’s what I put together so far:
matDesignIconCHeatsheet.3.toe (26.3 KB)

What’s wrong with this cheatsheet?

edit: it should be this version:

I also use the site that Idz references. Often doing a word search of that page gets me what I want. Sometimes I find something close to my icon, then do a search for the various words in that icon’s name.

Maybe I’m structuring my codes incorrectly?
Or perhaps the TD version I’m on doesn’t match 5.4.55? (2020.28110)?

Just out of the 4 I picked randomly none matched up. I pasted a little screen shot of what it’s supposed to be there in the top as well for reference.

Ah wait according to this paragraph on the derivative wiki: Adding Material Design Icons
the included version with TD is 5.3.45 and the cheatsheet is

I know this font library changes quite a bit between version numbers, so I guess that’s why you are seeing different ones.

I tried several ones and they all worked. Also as TD fully supports utf-8 these days you can just copy-paste the icon itself, instead of the hexcode!

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All of the codes in the screenshot are the same in 5.3.45, hmm - what do you mean, just copy paste the icon itself? from that cheat sheet page?

OH I see, left click on the icon itself in this cheat sheet and it copies the utf-8 instead… interesting.
Though no luck still seems to paste the equivalent of the hex code for me.

What’s an icon on here that you’ve used in the past that syncs up between Touch and the cheat sheet? Maybe I’ll check that on my end and see if there’s something specific to me going on.

Literally not one of these have worked for me

@lucasm perhaps you have another version of material design icon font already installed on your machine so the packed version with TD is not used?

If you figure out what’s going on, definitely post here. It all works for me.

@Ivan is there a good pythonic way to get the character code list for a given font? I’ve been kicking around the idea of making an icon selector… but I’d love a programmatic way to construct the list of those character codes. :slight_smile:


I haven’t really messed with Python font stuff, but this seems promising: fonttools · PyPI

Happy to collaborate if you come up with a plan. Seems like a good potential addition to widgets.

Yeah no previously installed version of Material Design Icon font installed to my system.

What version of TD is everyone testing this stuff from in this thread? I’m currently still on 28110

ah that’s the issue perhaps - I’m on 2021.12380

Yep. From the wiki:

To pick and icon scoll through the list of icons on the Material Design Icons Cheat Sheet. TouchDesigner 2020.40000 series of builds ships with version 5.3.45 of the Material Design Icons. The cheat sheet is located here: - The icon font library is often updated so make sure you are using the correct cheatsheet for the version included. Newer versions will contain icons not available in older versions, and may also replace some icons. (For TouchDesigner 2020.20000 cheatsheet, go to

Ok sounds promising then! I’ll check newer versions and let you all know how that goes.

Oof, yeah sorry for the run around guys :sweat_smile:
I’ve just gotta get with the times and upgrade!
Latest 2021 version seems to work fine as you all have indicated.

Found the endpoint:

Thats a tasty one. There is this repo which gives out endpoints but sadly it is not easy to filter which specific version, looking forwards if there is some kind of endpoint:

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Well. I built this but it seems like I cannot get any Icon out of the textSop on 11180, but I think this might be the right path.material_design_selector.tox (121.9 KB)

Support searching, update via google endpoint for the newest code and simple drag/drop of the textTOP.


looks like the site currently linked via the material designs page in the wiki no longer points to a cheatsheat. The one @nettoyeur posted above still seems good

Fixed the link in wiki. Thanks for heads up!

FYI @Jarrett @ben @MarkusHeckmann